Great Design = Sales

Using great design to increase sales

Most people who are attempting to sell items online think about their copy first, which is completely understandable, since content is king. However, every king has a queen, and for marketing purposes the queen is design! Copy will only get you results if people are actually stopping to read the content. Website design and great design are essential because they are the first things that people notice about your website, and if they are not attractive people will simply browse on. Think of your design as the physical shop-front of your business; in the same way that you wouldn’t want your shop window to look unkempt, you don’t want to leave your website unattended.

Judging by Appearance

Sometimes your graphics may even play a role in a customer’s decision to make a purchase. People judge the authenticity and trustworthiness of an online store by the website’s appearance. If they have great graphic designs and a great layout, they feel confident that the claims they make about products or services are reliable. However, if the website is clunky and hard to navigate, or features a poor or unattractive design, they will feel that the products are likely to be of poor quality. Therefore, it is vital you use your design to give them a positive feeling about what you have to offer.

The primary function of powerful web design and graphic design is to get your website noticed by browsers. If your graphics are flashy, too jarring, or just awkward, people will probably click onto another option. However, subtle and soothing, or attractively eye-catching are both safe things to strive for. Their second function is to help guide a visitor through the process in the way that you want. The goal should be to blend the images with the text so that people are visually directed to the heart of your site, and this is where you can grab their business.

Finally, you want to make sure that your graphics lead your visitors straight to the order button so that, when they are ready to buy, you make it possible for them to check out easily. Most buyers will change their mind about a spontaneous buy if given time to think about it; therefore, you need to make it simple for them to check out. By creating a graphic that sticks out or explains what to do visually, you will make it easy for customers to buy, and will be able to watch your sales go up in very little time!

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