Designing a great logo

Designing a great logo

What Makes a Good Logo?

Creating a logo can be a tedious task for a business. Everyone wants a logo that pops out and is instantly recognisable, but creating that logo is not such an easy task. A logo represents your business in one quick glance, so you want to make sure that you think carefully about what you choose to convey to your customers in that moment. There are a few guidelines that you should follow when designing a logo, to help make sure that it will be an effective way to brand your company. Here are just a few things that you should keep in mind.

First of all, a logo has to be eye catching. If it is too quiet it will fail to capture anyone’s attention, and you’ll be missing the entire objective of a logo. Make sure to use a clear font that can be read easily from a distance, and an attractive colour scheme that will help people instantly recognise it.

Keep It Simple

To follow this up you need to make sure that your logo is memorable. The expression should be simple and the message obvious, so that your customers remember your logo and your products. Simple really is the key to any good logo because they should appeal to everyone. Customers should not have to think about your logo in order to understand it. Logos that are overcrowded divert attention and usually end up frustrating people.

Next, you need to make a flexible logo that will look just as good on a letterhead as it will across the top of a store wrapper. Logos are used in a variety of branding formats so you want one that can be adjusted to new backgrounds, spaces, and of course sizes, without ruining the intent. An overly crowded logo cannot be shrunk, spoiling its effectiveness on many promotional items, so simple is best.

At this point you need to think about the graphic design features of your logos. Choose colours that represent your business and the emotional connection you want people to make with it. A more serious business may choose darker colours, whereas a business trying to build a young and hip audience may want to go for bright colours. Keep the fonts simple so that they do not become hard to deal with when changing sizes. As a general rule, remember that if the logo doesn’t look good in black and white, it will not look good in any other colours.

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