Brand Awareness

Brand awareness BelfastYou have to have a brand that says enough about you as a company to attract the kind of customers and clients that you want. Once you have a brand, you have to get yourself out there, let people know who you are and what you do, which is all part of the creation of brand awareness.


If you want people to be aware of your company and your brand, then you need to let customers see that you are consistent; that what you say and the services you offer match. You and your company, along with good business and client relationships are the hallmarks of any good and reliable brand. In order to stand out from the crowd you need to discover your own unique selling proposition.

Your USP

Making people aware of your brand is often achieved by the USP or unique selling proposition of your business. Today, brand consistency is highly valued and is something that you need to concentrate on when making the public aware of your brand. Your USP should be visible on your website, in the work that you produce, and in the people with whom you work.

This unique selling proposition, the aspect that puts your business above others in the crowd, needs to be visible in your logo, your brand name and the way in which you interact with both staff members and clients. In order to find the clients you want to work with, you need a clear idea of your own USP – this is what brand awareness is all about, it’s what makes you stand out from the crowd.

What You Offer

You must be able to deliver what you offer, if you want to authenticate your brand and make people aware of the type of company you claim to be. Kellogg’s sell cornflakes based on the idea of sunshine; what do you have to offer that makes you different? Whether it’s your customer service, your promotional strategy, or your general brand awareness, you need something on which to hang your marketing hat.

Confidence & Awareness

Being consistent across your brand can increase client confidence and further awareness of your brand. Your USP is what drives the way you promote your brand, what kind of goods or services that you offer, and most importantly, what makes you stand out from the crowd. You need to identify what it is that your business/brand can offer, that other, similar organisations do not. Try to understand what your client wants beyond the traditional goods or services that they might expect from a company like yours.

If you want people to be aware of your brand then find out what prospective clients really want from a business like yours. Look around at what your competitors are offering, and see where you can make your product or service different. Develop a strong customer base and offer them more than your competitors; then you are halfway to developing a strong awareness of your brand.